Briefcases (And people I have seen with them)

In the order in which they appeared in my life:


  • Dr Dunnett (I hate him—don't get me started)
  • Granddad's solicitor, Arthur Minto


  • Mother Sylvester (I'm guessing it was chockers with straps, forms for parents to fill in, and blank letters to the Principals of St Ignatius's and Vaucluse)


  • Old Mr Sax, who has a shop down the street where you can get cool things - I got my compass there. It got wrecked, but.


  • Father Hagen (for giving dying people Extreme Unction). 
  • Father O'Connor (the same) 
  • Mr Sanderson (for secret stuff)
  • James's father, who is something do with furniture, and whose briefcase is brown—is that weird or what?
  • Dr Stern, the Wacko Doctor, who fried Flame Boy's brain last year, and is now aching to get his hands on mine (though he hasn't even met me)


  • Flame Boy (though it's really his dad's—that's a whole other story)
  • Brother Ignatius (I saw it in his torture chamber)
  • Brother Timothy (the same)

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