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The hero of Peter Twohig’s The Cartographer makes a triumphant return in The Torch.

It is a wonderful picture of the early 1960’s, and is especially nostalgic for anyone who grew up in this period. 

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Michael: What is a book that we should be reading that we might not know about?

Deb: I think everyone should be reading The Torch, by Peter Twohig. Fantastic book, sequel to his first book, The Cartographer

It’s this crazy Boys Own adventure, but really so funny, with so much heart. 

Michael: I couldn’t agree more: he’s a wonderful writer. I loved The Cartographer when it came out. Does this second book rely on having read the first?

Deb: You can completely read it alone. It’s a contained story, and it’s just as funny [as The Cartographer]. 

Michael: Charming, youthful, and a very Australian voice.

Deb: So Australian: ‘wouldn’t be dead for quids’ kind of thing. 

Deb Force, Sun Books, Yarraville, interviewd by Michael Williams (ABC Radio Blueprint Reviews) . Hear full interview at Radio National.

The Torch is animated throughout by the energy of its dialogue, by turns insinuating, dryly witty and raucous, and the verve of the narrator’s thoughts. 

The language has a sustained, colloquial ease that is one of Twohig’s most signal achievements.

...what we have in The Torch is a treat: exuberant, intelligent, fun and memorable, especially for the complex, sympathetic portrayal of its youthful hero.

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Twohig’s take on the locale and the vernacular is faultless.  JF

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