The Charismatographer

She bestows on the world of men

views concerning animal magnetism,

naturalness, giftedness, and royalty.

Her lens wants to  pounce so 

patiently that sometimes for days

it may not pounce; it may turn and go away.

But the charismatographer always

finds someone new

to shine on.

Thank God for her, for without her

we might miss the moment—

we rarely ever catch a glimpse of 

the wonderful man.

She does not bestow on woman, 

who either has not what it takes

or would not know what to look for. 

These days you need tickets to go along and see, or 

be a card-carrying robe-wearing member,

or at least have an in.

The charismatographer looks down. 

Her permission, 

her device, speaks for itself.

She can get into any event,

get back-stage, shine on the naked actor, record his charisma

not for herself (though she thrills, of course)

but  for the poor, groping masses.

The charismatographer never bothers the subject in the toilet.

Copyright ©  Peter Twohig. All rights reserved.