Otter Cafe

The service is lousy for those who order fish

at the Otter Cafe.

The otters who wait there like to take the pish

at the Otter Cafe;

like to tickle you under the chin

and under the armpits

and under the table;

like a belly laugh, believe me.

Try and complain and see 

how far it gets you;

not far.

How do you catch the waiter’s eye?

Fish balls— 

never fails.

Get’s the whiskers bristling like 

semaphore flags;

gets the little eyes shining

the triangular teeth gleaming.

You’ll have otters at the table

begging like dachshunds,

otters like vaudeville hacks

whistling and yapping.

Go to the Otter Cafe, if you must,

but don’t forget your fish balls.

Copyright ©  Peter Twohig. All rights reserved.