Marvellous Mobile

When I was a kid

and had done something 

that was bound to get me

into strife

how I could have used a mobile phone 

with a friend on the other end, 

to warn me, to text me:

‘Hey, Pete, 

don't go home/

to school/

to Bazza's place/

to Blayney's shop/

to my place/

to Coles/

to Wrigney's garage/

to the junk yard/

down to the paddock where the tractor's parked/

or anywhere near Elizabeth Thompson's father.

I'll meet you at the hideout,’ he'd text, 

‘X-15 over and out.’

And I'd meet him at the hideout

and we'd get our story straight.

Copyright ©  Peter Twohig. All rights reserved.