The Torch Cover Small

That’s right! After years of waiting, not to mention writing, revising and editing, The Torch is coming out in just a matter of weeks. The long lead time has been both maddening and wonderful. Maddening, because why wouldn’t it be, and wonderful because it means I’ve had time to do numerous revisions and edits, and two copyedits, so the whole end product is a beautiful tribute to the terrific people at HarperCollins. This gorgeous cover, for example was designed by Darren Holt of the HarperCollins Design Studio (and inside there’s even an upgraded map). Right now I’m knee deep in publicity and marketing preparations, which is great fun. 

Over the next few months lots of new website goodies will be appearing under ‘The Torch Extras’ (in the above menu), including LOTS of inside info about the kid himself, and the novel (but no spoilers). 

I’ll also be putting a novel on the website, probably as I write it, and probably (again in a menu item above) under the title The Dread or It’s a Long Story or But I Digress. It will be a hypertext novel, which is a very rare animal indeed in today’s literary world. As you’ll soon be able to see for yourselves, this is the kind of novel where you get to follow the story paths of your choosing. The whole point of the novel is to give you some insight into the life of the Blayney kid from the end of The Cartographer up to the incident which triggers the beginning of The Torch

It’s also an opportunity for me to do a bit of literary experimenting and have some fun. More to come.  

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